Iran to Make Anti-Israel Shooter, Because They’re Nuts

We would not want to trivialize the troubles and difficulties of the people of Iran. It’s a pretty scary place in a lot of respects, with few civil rights that we enjoy and the struggle for freedom has been ongoing.

On the other hand, the ayatollahs who actually run things keep appointing total loonies, who keep things interesting.

Anyway, Iran is still butthurt over “Battlefield 3,” and their state-run game developer (of course they have a state-run game developer) wants to get back at the U.S. by, uh, making a video game about attacking Tel Aviv, creatively called “Attack on Tel Aviv.”

Why? Behruz Minaii explains it best:

“The United States is governed by the Zionist Regime so ‘Attack on Tel Aviv’ would make Americans angrier than a game about an attack on Washington,”

No, Behruz, Obama is a secret Muslim, part of the huge Muslim Illuminati conspiracy. Don’t you watch Fox News, guy?

We put it at about 100 to 1 this game will actually get made, but it’s fun to see a repressive regime demonstrate it has no idea what would actually tick off Americans. Or that the developer of “Battlefield 3” happens to be Swedish.