The Hulkbuster Invades ‘Grand Theft Auto V,’ Thanks To Mods

Okay, so this essentially turns Grand Theft Auto V into Saints Row. But there’s still something undeniably satisfying about climbing into a Hulkbuster and causing some large-scale destruction.

As you can see, this mod has everything you could want from a Hulkbuster… machine guns, repulsor rays, flight capability, and the ability to throw cars at other cars and then throw the occupants of that car after it. Although calling the Unibeam the “chest repulsor ray” does deduct a small amount of nerd points.

Granted, it’s not the most insane mod we’ve seen in Grand Theft Auto V; that honor probably belongs to the fire-breathing cat, although the chimp with the gun that fires cars is a close second. That said, we’re sure the modding community will top this, somehow. Personally, we’re hoping to see the X-Presidents rampage through Los Santos. Make it happen, modders!

(Via the Daily Dot)