Joe Biden Is Taking His Presidential Campaign To ‘Animal Crossing’

For former vice president Joe Biden, the road to the White House apparently doesn’t get unlocked until you have a three-star rating for his Animal Crossing island. The Democratic nominee for the highest office in the land is taking his campaign to the digitial universe inside Nintendo’s quarantine hit about catching bugs and fish and overall just kinda vibing out.

The Biden campaign announced on Friday that Biden would be available to voters in the game, with a Dream Code that takes gamers to Biden’s island where he, while wearing aviator shades, will yell “No malarkey” at you. For some, Animal Crossing has allowed them to escape what’s been a difficult year all around, so perhaps to them this will be a bit of an intrusion. But the nice thing about the relaxing game is that what you do in it is, well, really up to you.

For those what want to check out what Biden is up to in the game, they can hop over to see his house, pose for photos in front of various American-themed things on the island, and just generally run around and use emotions like you always do when visiting someone else’s Animal Crossing island.


According to the campaign, Biden’s home is actually his campaign HQ and each room has a specific theme.

On the first floor, there are field office rooms prompting players to “Text AC to 30330” and help the campaign textbank and phonebank — and also receive an exclusive merchandise item via a design code.

Upstairs, Vice President Biden’s room features a young Joe Biden poster, a collection of aviators, and a car bed.

Right next to it is Senator Harris’ room, which includes a display of chucks, her iconic rainbow jacket, and a Howard University poster.

Downstairs is “Joe’s Train Town” — a live-action display of one of Vice President Biden’s favorite modes of transportation.

There’s also a voting booth on the island, which prompts players to visit and make a plan for voting in November. There are also special logos and designs for exclusive clothing and, yes, lawn signs you can bring back to your own island. It’s not exactly using the game to protest Chinese oppression, but it’s certainly an interesting political use of a wildly popular game.

If you want to visit Biden’s island, you need to use the Dream Code DA-7286-5710-7478. No word on whether Donald Trump’s campaign will find a way to put him in Doom Eternal before election day, but we’ll keep you posted.