The Joker Is Coming To ‘Fortnite’ In A DC Super Villain Bundle

While Epic is using Fortnite to start an open wide fight with Apple and Google over payment methods, the company’s biggest game keeps getting expansion bundles. The latest is a DC-themed bundle that adds one of the Batman universe’s biggest villains to the game.

Days after Epic got Fortnite removed from the Google Play and Apple app store after implementing its own payment methods inside the game, Epic announced Saturday that The Joker will be added to the game along with other villains in the Batman universe as part of the Last Laugh bundle. The pack, which is expected to drop on November 17, includes a number of Joker-themed items including an outfit, two Joker-themed pickaxes, a Laugh Riot Back Bling and a Joker emote called “Pick A Card.”

Poison Ivy and a new Midas Rex avatar are also part of the pack, which Epic says will cost $29.99 and officially comes with 11 in-game items and 1,000 V bucks. Fortnite has leaned into the DC universe heavily in recent days, adding Harley Quinn items back to its digital shop while the DC Universe gears up FanDome, the universe-specific equivalent of Comic-Con.

Fortnite also announced some new Batman gear for the game, if you need it.

And as we already know, it will cost a bit less to get into the V buck ecosystem these days.