K-Mart Sells Modern Warfare 3 Early, Microsoft Throws Hissy Fit

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K-Mart screwed up in a big way and sent out cartons of what’s sure to be a big hit, “Modern Warfare 3,” with markings that they were to be put on sale immediately. There’s some question as to just how accidental this actually was; K-Mart seems an unusual candidate for such a blatant screw-up. But, either way, absolutely 100% legitimate copies of the game have essentially been on sale and being played since last week, and it’s nobody’s fault.

Which isn’t stopping the game’s publisher, Activision, from having a tantrum and resulting in Microsoft threatening bans for people who play it early. You know, because a mistake made by a retail chain that was exploited by your loyal customers, who paid full price for a legitimate copy, those are the people you should punish. It’s totally their fault.

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