Katy Perry Will Be In A ‘Final Fantasy’ Mobile Game


Did you know that Katy Perry is a video game fan? The pop star might be more well known for making huge hits, but she’s never shied away from her love of video games when given the chance. In 2012, when Sims 3 was about to be released, Perry collaborated with developer EA to be a part of the game. She even makes cameos in the game with a Sim version of herself.

Perry is back in video game news, but this time she’s appearing in a title that could be seen as a little more surprising. Final Fantasy Brave Exivus, a free to play mobile game, is all about collecting your favorite Final Fantasy characters and putting them into your party. It appears to be a far superior sequel to the disaster that was Final Fantasy All The Bravest in 2013 because this time it actually involves at least a little bit of strategy.

Perry is getting involved in Brave Exvius by having herself, and other parts of her brand/life, appear in the game as playable characters. Ever wanted to save the world with Katy Perry in your party? Well, now you can! We obviously need to assume her class will be a bard. Well, that or a mage of some kind. I guess it depends on what Perry herself wants to be.

This isn’t Perry’s first dive into mobile games. In 2015, Katy Perry Pop came out to mild success, but it didn’t last long and isn’t available any longer. She may have better luck with Square Enix heading this one and herself just making a cameo. Along with the game, Perry released a new song called “Immortal Flame” with a video to go along with the collaboration. I’m not exactly sure what’s happening in it, but it is official and definitely not a parody.

Katy Perry fans that also love Final Fantasy have to be excited to get a chance to play as her. This also won’t be the first time a pop star has appeared in the game. Ariana Grande also made an appearance in the game. Perry will be available in the game on December 12 for a limited time.