Keanu Reeves Showed Up At Xbox’s E3 Presentation And Revealed He’ll Be In ‘Cyberpunk 2077’


Keanu Reeves has plenty going on these days, with John Wick 3 in theaters and the chance to flex his romcom muscles in Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe. But his latest frontier will put him in one of Xbox’s most anticipated titles.

With E3 in full swing in Los Angeles, Reeves popped up on stage at Xbox’s presentation to reveal that he will be in Cyberpunk 2077. This is the biggest news we’ve seen out of the board game to video game franchise, which has been in development for some time. Microsoft showed off a gameplay trailer of Cyberpunk at last year’s E3, but now we’re much closer to making the game a reality.

We also got a first look at Reeves, as himself with Wick-like long hair, in the game itself.

Reeves actually came on stage to talk a bit about his role and gave some details about what he’s doing in the game. Apparently, he’ll play Mr. Fusion.

“I’m always drawn to fascinating stories,” Reeves said, explaining that the game is set in a future where “body modification has become an obsession.” Players will be outlaws who modify themselves to discover new abilities and

The E3 crowd really seemed to love that Reeves was in the building.

Perhaps the biggest news here is that we finally have a release date for the game: April 16, 2020.