Kylo Ren And Bane Trash Talk Their Way Through Classic Video Games

We’ve already laughed at Auralnauts’ parody video of Kylo Ren freaking out about the Rogue One trailer, and now they’re back with another great impression of that emo little Sith being a sore loser. This time, he’s battling Bane (The Dark Knight Rises) in ten trash-talk-filled rounds of Multibowl, the new game by Bennett Foddy and AP Thomson which isn’t for sale because of copyright issues, but we want this game so badly now.

Multibowl pits two players against each other in brief challenges gleaned from 230 classic ’80s and ’90s video games from 12 different consoles. Bennett Foddy told Motherboard earlier this year, “I always wanted a way to skip through games really fast. 18 months ago I was teaching a class on old European computer games from the 1980s, and it’s interesting and frustrating how inaccessible those games are for purely technical reasons — not just finding and emulating the files but even playing the games can be tough for new players. It’s a goal of mine to help people to be more literate about the history of games, so that was also something I wanted.”

The result is a game that looks surprisingly fun, even when you don’t have Kylo Ren and Bane impersonators trash-talking each other until Kylo resorts to throwing tantrums and hitting himself some more.

(Via Auralnauts)