‘The Legend Of Zelda’ May Be Nintendo’s Next iPhone Game


After dipping its toes into mobile waters with Pokemon Go, still going strong, Nintendo has brought Mario and Fire Emblem to iPhones. But for fans, the main question is when Nintendo will bring other franchises to smaller screens. And it looks like Nintendo is bringing out another big gun.

No, not Animal Crossing, although that game is coming. No, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nintendo’s big release will be a Legend of Zelda game for the iPhone, playing off the massive success Nintendo has had with Breath Of The Wild. Its not clear whether Nintendo will port one of its classics, develop a game like its Switch hit, or if it will do something else entirely, but the company’s history would point towards Nintendo trying something new with the franchise.

Nintendo’s mobile experiments have been fascinating, and Nintendo has shown their usual polish for and interest in new types of control schemes. Super Mario Run is playable with one finger, for example, and Pokemon Go might be the first truly popular use of augmented reality technology. Just what they might do with Zelda is an open question, but it’s unlikely to just be the same old game. However, the game has no release date, yet, so we’ll have to see just what Nintendo has planned.

(via 9to5Mac)