Luigi Beats His ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Foes By… Just Standing There.

Super Smash Bros. is not, at root, a terribly complex game, or particularly a meritocracy. It’s pretty easy to win by mashing buttons, even against high-level characters, and that’s something this video throws into sharp relief by putting Luigi up against level nine enemies and effortlessly defeating them.

As in, he puts in no effort. Yep, Luigi just stands there, possibly giving out death stares, but not actually deigning to hit anybody. The game’s AI, in turn, can’t seem to figure out what’s going on and essentially bumps itself off.

This goes on for 20 minutes, we just want to point out. The best this AI can do against an idle player is accidentally take out both parties. Yeah, all of this was carefully staged, and at least some of it is due to level hazards, but still. That’s kind of embarrassing for a modern video game. At least it’s not cheesing you?

(Via Kotaku)

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