A Mass Shooting Occurred At A ‘Madden’ Tournament In Jacksonville

08.26.18 12 months ago 10 Comments


A shooting at a Jacksonville gaming bar was captured on Twitch on Sunday as a Madden tournament held there quickly turned tragic.

A video stream on the gaming service Twitch showed two men playing a Madden game between two versions of the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons team in red had just scored a touchdown and was kicking off when screaming could be heard in the background of the video as announcers commented on how many good games were happening simultaneously.

Seconds later, the stream is interrupted and only shows that controllers were unplugged from the console while audio of multiple gunshots can be heard.

(WARNING: The Twitch stream, should you choose to watch, is graphic and disturbing, as you can hear at least one man distinctly screaming and others scrambling for cover as multiple shots are fired.)

The clip quickly spread on social media, and soon local reporters began giving details about the event from sources at the scene.

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