Check Out A Trailer And Gameplay Footage Of The Surprising Next Entry In The ‘Mafia’ Series

Today at Gamescom, 2K Games officially pulled the wraps off Mafia III, the first new game in the series in more than half a decade. Until now, the Mafia games have been solid, but ultimately fairly standard, open world games in which you try to make it in the world of the Italian Mafia, but it looks like Mafia III will be making some big changes to the formula.

This time around, the action takes place in New Orleans during the late ’60s. You play as Lincoln Clay, a biracial Vietnam War vet. Lincoln has vowed revenge on the Italian mob for killing some of his war buddies, and, in order to extract that revenge, he’s formed his own somewhat atypical mob. It’s nice to see Mafia III taking a different, more diverse approach because, honestly, the same old goombas get a little tired after a while.

While we’re at it, here’s some pretty impressive-looking gameplay footage of Mafia IIIcourtesy of YouTube channel, PC Games. Just try to ignore the German dudes talking over it…

I’m not sure that I need another open-world game in my life any time soon, but Mafia III looks undeniably solid and refreshingly risky. What do you folks think?

via PC Games