‘Mario Kart’ Meets ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ In This Amazing Mod

Mario Kart is the beloved, innocent-except-for-Luigi’s-dark-side, kart racer, while Grand Theft Auto V is…well, less so, in the innocence department, but equally beloved. Despite these tonal inconsistencies, the two line up surprisingly well in this crossover mod.

It’s more technically impressive than you might think; this is, quite literally, the Mario Kart level taken out of the Wii U game and put into Grand Theft Auto V, right down to the textures Nintendo used. That said, it’s still rough; multiplayer mods can’t be done just yet, so you can’t race your friends; the minimap still thinks it’s in Los Santos, which makes for some amusing detours through buildings; and they’d still need to either add in item boxes or just give everybody not in first homing missile launchers and call it a day before it feels quite like Mario Kart.

Of course, a local multiplayer mod would solve a few of these issues quite handily, in addition to making playing GTA offline a more interesting experience. But that’s a far more complex job that will need to be finished elsewhere. Still, it may not be long before we finally settle the question of whether Trevor can handle the Luigi Death Stare.

(Via Kotaku)

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