Rare Shows Off A Medieval ‘Conker’ Game, A Grotesque Horror Title And Other Canceled Projects

Rare, the British video game developer behind everything from Battletoads to Donkey Kong Country, has worked on a lot of canceled and/or abandoned games. The recently released compilation Rare Replay showcases half-a-dozen Rare games that never made it out of the development stage, and the studio has taken to YouTube to show off even more.

The latest previously unseen game Rare has shown off is a sequel to Conker’s Bad Fur Day entitled Conker: Gettin’ Medieval. In development for the original Xbox, Gettin’ Medieval was to be a multiplayer squad shooter set in a steampunk-flavored middle ages. You can check out Conker: Gettin’ Medieval above.

While we’re at it, here’s a few more notable canceled Rare games. First up, we have Sundown, and surprisingly grotesque survival-horror game that looks a little like The Last of Us.

Next up, Kameo 2, which was to take the series in a more mature, BioWare-esque direction.

And finally, Black Widow, a game where you blow up sh*t with a giant mechanical spider. Hey, I’m sold!

It’s interesting to note that all these game cancelations happened after Rare was bought by Microsoft. Did Rare lose the ability to come up with a good idea once Nintendo sold them, or is Microsoft just a party pooper? Either way, I’d rather we got these games than Grabbed by the Ghoulies or Kinect Sports.