‘Minecraft’ Is Reportedly Trying To Bring All Players Together With The Help Of Microsoft

Minecraft isn’t just a game, it’s an entire subculture and it appeals to players of all ages, races and creeds. That’s a pretty special game, which is exactly why Microsoft scooped up Mojang and turned its creator, Notch, into a bit of a lonely billionaire who hangs out in his giant mansion while tweeting about obscure PC games. That’s okay, we get it, it’s lonely at the top. People love his creation, though, which has to count for something.

The only problem with Minecraft is that it’s out on a ton of different platforms right now, but they don’t exactly interact well with each other. So a PC player can’t connect to a PS4 player’s world, which has always been a bummer. According to Mashable, though, that might be changing and changing very soon. Microsoft has opened up their Xbox Live platform to interact with other networks, but nothing has really come of that just yet. Minecraft might be the game that bridges the gaps, unites the clans, all that sort of good stuff, though. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer feels strongly about making this happen.

“But absolutely, we’re going to have to have the conversations with both Nintendo and Sony about what it means to keep the Minecraft community connected together, and I want to go do that.”

Spencer added that this wasn’t to undermine sales on anyone else’s platform, but instead to allow players to be able to interact with their friends regardless of platform restrictions. Minecraft is already one of the most popular games in the world with a diverse player base, this would just make life a lot easier for everyone.

(Via Mashable)