Minecraft Gets…Carbon Emissions?

“Minecraft” has rapidly become the most beloved game on the Internet, as it combines two things nerds love: infinitely customizable video games and Lego sets. Which leads to the third thing nerds love, YouTube videos of games going horribly wrong. Now, other nerds have shown up to do what they do, which is make video games boring by making them educational.

Okay, okay, sure it’s for a good cause: the group that did is AMEE, which specializes in selling emissions measuring tools to businesses to figure out their carbon footprint and then reduce it. They’re not trying to ruin fun, they’re just trying to educate us about how we shouldn’t drive to the convenience store for beer and taquitos when it’s less than a hundred feet away.

Here’s video of how well that works out. We’ll say this: at least it adds an interesting mechanic.