Nintendo Unveils A Bunch Of Handy New Features For Their Tiny NES Classic Edition

Last month, Nintendo unveiled the NES Classic Edition, a miniature all-in-one system that comes with 30 NES titles pre-installed. It’s certainly adorable, but some people have been hoping for a little bit more information. Like, aside from letting you play 8-bit classics on your HD TV, does the system have any other features? What kind of display options can we expect?

Well, we now have a few more details courtesy of a recently-translated French-language radio show. In the interview, Canadian Nintendo representative Julie Gagnon revealed the NES Classic will have a variety of display options:

“There will be different modes of how you will see the screen – a mode simulating the retro aspect of our old CRT screens, there will be a mode which can be at the resolution of the modern screens in 4:3 format, and a pixel perfect mode which will display each pixel as a square, so people can have fun with this too.”

For those confused by “pixel perfect” mode — the images on modern HD TVs are made up of rectangular pixels, while the pixels output by the NES were more boxy, so pixel perfect mode will have a sharper, more accurate look. Of course, old CRT TVs had all sorts of other issues that blurred and stretched the image, hence the retro CRT mode. Basically, it’s up to you whether you want the games to look “ideal,” or more like how you remember them looking.

In other news, it seems Nintendo will be altering their classic games slightly by adding permanent save points to them:

“There will be permanent save points and instant temporary saves to be able to resume, and that’s for every single one of the 30 games. So, you don’t have to worry about passwords, or restarting right at the beginning.”

It’s great to hear these features will be included, but let’s get back to what really matters — just how small and cute the NES Classic is. Here’s a recent IGN video showing just how tiny it is in person…

D’awwww. The NES Classic Edition hits shelves November 11.

(Via Nintendo Everything)