The Latest World Record ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Run Is Shorter Than Some Game Trailers

In my recent Sonic Fascinating Facts, I mentioned that racing through Super Mario Bros. as fast as possible was what inspired Sonic’s creators to make a game based on speed. Well hey, it’s almost 25-years later, and folks are still blasting through Mario as quickly as they can, in fact a new world record time as just been set.

Speedrunner, uh, Blubber managed to shave around an extra second off the previous world record holder (no minor task these days) with a time of 4:57.69. It’s a great run, free from any of the tool-assisted nonsense you see in a lot of online playthroughs (although Blubber does make clever use of a handful of glitches).

Check it out below…

Man, these speedruns make World 8 of Super Mario Bros. look easy. Time to finally beat this game! [Dies 100 times in 10-minutes]. Hmmm.

Via Kotaku