Nintendo Almost Made This Bizarre Super Mario Volleyball/Wrestling Game

During the mid-2000s, Nintendo was completely fixated on transforming Mario into a sportsman. Like annoying, over-involved parents they forced Mario into golf, tennis, basketball, soccer, baseball and the Olympics, so it comes as no surprise that Nintendo was, at one point, considering a Mario volleyball game.

The game was farmed out to Next Level Games, the company behind the Mario Strikers soccer series. For obvious reasons, Next Level felt the need to spice up volleyball just a little bit, and so Mario Volleyball slowly but surely morphed into a bizarre mashup of volleyball and pro wrestling. Here’s some information on the game, entitled Super Mario Spikers, courtesy of Unseen 64

Hey Nintendo, I know this game is dead, but if you want to save the Wii U, I’m pretty sure Mario Tombstone-ing Yoshi is your best shot at doing it.

Via GoNintendo