You’ll Soon Be Able To Start Playing 3DS Games For Less Than $100

Do you own a machine that plays 3DS games yet? You really should look into it, because there are a lot of good 3DS games out there, and now the cost of entry is lower than ever.

Nintendo has just announced that they’re dropping the price of the 2DS to $99.99 as of August 30. Even better, every new 2DS will now come with a copy of the pretty excellent Mario Kart 7. Despite the somewhat confusing name, the 2DS plays all regular 3DS games, you just won’t be able to take advantage of their stereoscopic 3D features. The 2DS also doesn’t fold shut, and won’t play the small number of games exclusive to the New 3DS.

So, yeah, the 2DS is definitely the runt of the 3DS family, but, hey, getting access to the nearly 700-game strong 3DS library for under 100 bucks is a pretty nice deal. If you just want to check out the newest Pokemon or handheld Zelda without breaking the bank, and don’t particularly care about looking cool, then this is certainly a solid option. What do you folks think? Anyone planning to try out some 3DS games now that the 2DS has lowered its price?

via Ars Technica