The Nintendo NX Has Not Just A Release Date, But Also A Launch Title

After a solid year of speculation and rumors, the Nintendo NX is officially on the way. There’s even a launch title coming, and it’s something of a doozy. But what else do we know about the NX?

First off, the launch date is March 2017, which was mentioned in a recent financial report and confirmed on Nintendo’s Twitter accounts. That’s out of line with what some were predicting, but it makes sense. Nintendo wants to avoid what will likely be a price war between Sony and Microsoft this holiday season, with retailers laying incentives on top of that.

Besides, it has an ace in the hole. The one confirmed NX launch title, so far, is the next entry in the Legend of Zelda series. Nintendo has also confirmed it’ll be releasing simultaneously on Wii U and NX, so Wii U owners get a last hurrah before they have to save up for Nintendo’s next console.

Of course, they would need to know the price first, and that’s not something Nintendo has revealed yet. Or, for that matter, anything else. Despite rumors flying about the console, Nintendo has, in typical fashion, kept mum on everything else. It hasn’t even revealed what the device might be called beyond the NX, and we still don’t know the internal specs and other crucial details. Then again, third-party developers don’t know this stuff either, so at least everyone’s in the same boat. We’ll likely learn more about the NX this June, during E3.

(Via Twitter)