‘No Man’s Sky’ Has A Rough Release Date And Another Impressive Galaxy-Spanning Trailer

No Man’s Sky, the massively ambitious, procedurally generated space exploration game, has at times seemed too good to be true. The fact that No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has been unable to nail down a release date kind of backs up the “this can’t be a real game” feelings a lot of people have about the title.

Well, ready or not, No Man’s Sky finally has a rough release date. Your galactic journey will begin June of 2016. That’s still quite a lengthy wait — and is really more of a launch window than a release date — but having a specific month to look forward to is a pretty big development.

In order to celebrate a release date starting to come into view, Sony and Hello Games have unleashed a new trailer as pretty and mind-blowing as all the other No Man’s Sky trailers. This particular trailer shows more robots and shooting than those in the past. It also features a velvety-voiced narrator. Could that be a hint that Hello Games is be working on adding more of a structured narrative to No Man’s Sky? That could explain why the game still needs eight months in the oven.

(via PC Gamer)