‘Overwatch’ Announces Its Next Character, Who Can Heal You By Shooting You In The Back

So, in Pokemon Go, you… wait, this post isn’t about Pokemon Go? It’s about the previous game everyone was obsessed over? Huh, go figure!

Yes, there are still a ton of people playing Overwatch, and Blizzard announced today that the first new character they’re adding to the game’s already-hefty lineup of heroes. The new character is Ana, mother of the mech-wearing hero Pharah. Ana is a sniper/support character, who can shoot teammates with bullets that heal damage or grant various buffs. Of course, she also has offensive shots that gradually drain enemy life or put them to sleep. You can check out Ana in action in the trailer at the top of this post.

Blizzard also dropped a second trailer that details Ana’s somewhat tragic origin story.

What do you Overwatch fanatics think about the new hero? Maybe not the most colorful or crazy design, but Overwatch could certainly use more support characters, and Ana looks fairly versatile. Honestly, a character that allows you to just stay out of the fray and heal teammates from afar sounds nicely-suited to players like myself who are, shall we say, completely terrible.

Blizzard hasn’t set a hard release date for Ana yet, but they promise she’s “coming soon.”

(via Kotaku)

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