#PokemonGoHome Uses ‘Pokemon Go’ To Protest The Brexit

Brexit may have largely slipped from world headlines, but it’s still a major issue and not one likely to go away soon, as much as some Britons may wish it would. Until a decision is made, the fate of more than half a million people who came to Britain under EU rules, who found jobs, built families, and put down roots, is up in the air. So a new campaign is using Pokemon Go to explain just what’s going on.

It started with a string of bizarre posters announcing that “illegal” Pokemon were going to be deported by UK authorities, with headlines like “The UK Is Our Gym.”

If you go to the website, they quickly admit it’s a joke, but lay out the reality that quite a few people are facing. If the UK does indeed leave the EU, 590,000 people are going to have to be out the door by 2019, likely triggering a mad scramble for what visas are available and choking the courts with legal problems ranging from custody battles to employment disputes. It ends by asking UK citizens to sign a petition asking for the rights of immigrants to be protected.

The political reality is that it’s unlikely Brexit will happen, if for no other reason than it would break up the UK. That likely doesn’t make waking up every day wondering if you’re about to lose it all any easier, though, so if nothing else, Pokémon are being used for good.

(Via Mashable)