‘Pokemon Go’ Restores A Useful Feature And Promises Other Big Changes Are Coming Soon

Get ready, weekend trainers, because the makers of Pokemon Go have just dropped another update for their ultra-popular app. This update isn’t as big as the one released last week, which added the Buddy System and Pokemon Go Plus support, but it delivers one feature worth noting.

With this update, you can once again see where all your Pokemon were caught – simply tap on a Pokemon’s profile and you’ll see the information listed. This feature was part of Pokemon Go when it first launched, but it was removed along with the faulty “steps” system that was supposed to tell you what Pokemon were nearby. The loss of the feature was significant, since some Pokemon only show up in certain areas, and Pokemon Go is designed around catching multiple copies of each critter in order to farm experience and candy.

Interestingly, the patch notes on Pokemon Go‘s Facebook page also promise other “exciting features and changes” are coming to the game soon. What kind of changes are we talking about? Well, in a recent interview, Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara teased player-vs.-player battles may be in the works

“Battling is a category that we do best at Pokemon, after all. It’s important to really carefully consider any feature that may increase the difficulty and raise the barrier to entry for more casual users.”

Right now Pokemon Go players can battle in a roundabout way by conquering gyms, but you can’t simply challenge a friend to a direct throwdown. Along with the ability to trade Pokemon, PvP battles are definitely high on most Pokemon Go player’s wishlists, so hopefully they happen sooner rather than later.

The latest Pokemon Go update is available to some iOS/Android users right now, and will be rolled out to everybody over the weekend.

(Via Polygon and GameSpot)