Check Out The Super Effective New Legendaries In The Latest ‘Pokémon Sun & Moon’ Trailer

Another mainline Pokémon RPG comes out this year, so that means two new legendary monsters to track down and crush your friends with. The legendaries for Pokémon Sun and Moon are Solgaleo, a psychic/steel lion-type guy, and Lunala, a surprisingly metal-looking psychic/ghost bat creature. We’ve come a long way since the days of Squirtle and Charmander.

The new Sun and Moon trailer also gives us a first look at the game’s map, and introduces us to Professor Kukui, who’s a bit less of an old stick in the mud than past professors. Oh, and your Pokédex is now possessed by some sort of ghost? Sure, why not?

Nintendo has also updated their 2016 E3 plans somewhat – previously they said they’d be focusing their entire showing on the next Legend of Zelda title, but now they’ve announced they’ll be streaming Pokémon Sun and Moon on June 14 and 15. They’ll also be streaming other games like Monster Hunter Generations and the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VII during the show.

What do you folks think of the new legendaries? They’re certainly badass – almost a little too badass. They seem too hard-edged to be Pokémon to me, although I suppose the series has to grow up eventually.

(via USGamer)