Gird Your Loins, Gamers: Siege Day Is Here!

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Siege Day is here! Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has been touring gaming events all over the country, putting the door-busting action in the hands of nearly 500,000 players, and now the six-highest scoring teams from those events will throw down in the biggest, most competitive Rainbow Six Siege event to date! You’ll get to see this year’s most exciting tactical shooter in action, and one lucky team will take the top prize in a tournament that starts tonight. Even better, you can win prizes just by watching the action!

As you watch the best of the best square off in teams of five to win the tournament and earn money for charity, you can also win prize packs just by watching some of the best competitive gameplay action going. Rainbow Six Siege is a finely-tuned five-on-five tactical multiplayer experience, in which you find a way into your foe’s hideout with recon, and then work your way through, busting through doors and even walls, if you have to. Each player is part of a specialized class with different equipment and abilities, and players will need well-honed shooting and teamwork skills to come out on top. Rainbow Six Siege is a game that will truly test your mettle.

If that weren’t enough, you’ll also see how celebrities handle the game. Will Arnett and Ben Schwartz go head to head as part of the festivities, looking to earn $10,000 for a lucky charity. Consider it the closest you’ll get to an Arrested Development/Parks and Recreation crossover.

Of course, no plan survives contact with the enemy, and every team is among the best, so expect a lot of surprises and upsets when it all starts with the 2pm PST undercard leading to the 6pm PST main event. Check out the Siege Day stream above, and watch the best Rainbow Six Siege players in the world show you why the game is going to be your new team multiplayer addiction! Also, if you want to try Rainbow Six Siege for free, you can play in the upcoming Open Beta on Nov. 25. Head over to now to learn how you can preload and get ready!