‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Is Official, And Coming Sooner Than We Thought

Rockstar has been hinting and hinting and now it’s official: Red Dead Redemption 2 is officially arriving fall 2017. But while we wait for the trailer, here’s what Rockstar has revealed in the meantime.

The teaser site is short but sweet. It tells us the title, the release date, and a few minor tidbits about the game. Rockstar has already disproved one rumor, namely that the title wouldn’t be Red Dead Redemption 2, although that obviously could change between now and fall 2017. Rockstar also confirms that yes, it’ll have a “brand new multiplayer experience,” so that speculation was correct, especially with the Grand Theft Auto V team involved. And, Rockstar being Rockstar, there’s a conspicuous lack of Steam or PC logos anywhere on the page. Sorry, PC gamers. At least we might be able to stream it to a PC from an Xbox One?

Finally, as you can see above, we get a slightly more detailed look at Rockstar’s magnificent seven up there. None of them look like Red Dead protagonist John, but there are some interesting visual cues that span the range of Old West types (and a wide variety of Old West hats). Whether these are protagonists, or targets, remains to be seen, but we’ll get a trailer on Thursday.

(via Rockstar)

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