The ‘Resident Evil 2’ Game Remake Is Going To Be An All New Experience

Remake, remake, remake: it’s a dirty word that gets a worse reputation than it deserves. The Resident Evil series proved that a remake can be a wonderful thing when developer Capcom completely reworked their original shocker for the Nintendo Gamecube, and now they’re looking to do the same for Resident Evil 2. The remake producer, Yoshiaki Hirabyashi, already revealed the project was finally approved for development by Capcom in an announcement video months ago, but now we’ve got one big new detail on the upcoming game.

Capcom marketing director Stuart Turner cleared up some confusion about whether the game would be a true remake or a simple graphical remaster:

Resident Evil 2 already got a quick and lazy remaster for the Gamecube after the first game was given its full-fledged facelift, so it’s reassuring to see that the second game remake will get the same respect by creating an entirely new experience out of old parts. If that first remake is any indication, that means that familiar places will be filled with new surprises like puzzles and creatures, while wholly original additions will shake things up for those who don’t just want a repeat of the past. What if you had the decision to play the game with either old-school Resident Evil “tank” controls or the third-person shooter setup of Resident Evil 4? As long as Capcom stays true to the horror spirit of the Playstation classic without resorting to the overblown action of Resident Evil 6, fans will be pleased.