The ‘Seasons Of Heaven’ Trailer Shows What The Nintendo Switch Can Do

Senior Contributor

As a game, Seasons Of Heaven is probably going to be controversial, what with the dead kids and the angels and no shortage of gamers who very loudly proclaim their atheism. On a technical level, though, it shows off what the Nintendo Switch can do, and it must be said that Nintendo’s console/tablet hybrid looks pretty good.

The game is an adventure where a young boy, probably a dead young boy considering the opening of the trailer, and his dog explore a mysterious world full of samurai, stone heads, and other assorted iconography. If we’re being honest, it doesn’t look terribly creative, even if we are suckers for adventure games. Graphically though, despite hiccups in some of the animation, this looks quite good. It’s not clear if this is footage captured directly from the Switch, but especially for an indie effort, it looks pretty good.

It’s also one of the few scraps of material we have about the Switch, which is racing towards a March release date with little information out there, with even the price being little more than a rumor. In fact, this is the first game, outside of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which we know for sure is coming to the Switch. 2017 promises to be interesting for Nintendo, and we’ll be curious to see what arrives.

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