Indie Developers Are Making Their Own Spiritual Successor To The Canceled ‘Silent Hills’

07.01.15 3 years ago 2 Comments

It was revealed last year, via a mysterious and very scary demo entitled P.T., that Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and Hollywood director Guillermo del Toro were teaming up to make a new Silent Hill game starring Norman Reedus. Unfortunately, Kojima would leave publisher Konami shortly thereafter, leading to the cancellation of Silent Hills and the pulling of P.T. from the PlayStation store.

We’ll probably never get Kojima and del Toro’s horror game, but an independent British developer thankfully has just revealed Allison Road, a new horror game that looks very much like an expanded version of P.T. (which is what I assume Silent Hills would have been). In Allison Road, you awake with no memory and, over the course of five nights, have to find your family and unravel the mysteries of the very haunted house you’re trapped in. Much like P.T., the game is all about repeatedly exploring a relatively mundane environment, which becomes less normal and more frightening the more you poke and prod at it. You can check out 13 minutes of impressive, suspenseful footage above.

Will Allison Road make up for Silent Hills being canceled? Probably not, but it looks like a solid jump-fest nonetheless. What do you folks think?

(via Polygon)

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