A Single Tweet Has Finally Made ‘Skate 4’ A Reality And Gamers Are Thrilled

01.29.17 2 years ago

With a hashtag and six characters, Daniel Lingen, EA’s Senior Community Engagement Manager, has officially unofficially announced the revival of one of gaming’s most beloved franchises — Skate. Finally, gamers can rest assured that Skate 4 is in development, answering the countless petitions (that the White House ignored) and social media begging that has become a meme over the last few years.

Look at those retweets and favorites. That’s some POTUS-level social media love, and it’s because the Skate games, with their strange, addictive mechanics and features, have been dormant since 2010’s Skate 3. The Skate series brought together a community of content creators well before the advent of Twitch or the ease of uploading clips to a YouTube account, and the creativity of the community has become legendary.

What other game shoehorns pro wrestling maneuvers like a flying ragdoll off a skateboard?

Long before Esports were fully embraced by arenas packed full of screaming fans, the best and brightest Skate had to offer were blistering their thumbs in an effort to pull off the perfect trick or stunt. Skate 4 will find today’s gamers ready and willing to broadcast every weird attempt at pulling off a Christ-Air into a basketball hoop. We’re ready. Gamers are ready. Give us an official announcement now, EA. Package it with a slick trailer and watch people lose their minds out of pure joy.

For now, we’ll keep watching the amazing creations from the Skate community and await what comes next.

(Via Gamespot)

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