The Clintons’ White House Cat Socks Starred In A Video Game No One Could Play, Until Now

Senior Contributor

Second Dimension

In 1993, gamers flipping through GamePro and Nintendo Power found themselves reading about the strangest video game they’d ever heard about. Starring the Clintons’ beloved pet Socks, Socks The Cat Rocks The Hill promised to offer something unusual for gamers at the time: A dose of adult political satire to go along with the platform hopping and enemy clawing.

Socks The Cat Rocks The Hill ultimately never saw the light of day in the ’90s, but it’s had an odd half-life ever since as an urban legend with some truth behind it. Yes, a company really did make a game about the Clintons’ cat, and the developers might have been lucky it never hit the campaign trail in the ’90s. But Socks isn’t quite done with gamers yet, as a few dedicated fans are attempting to revive the game.

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