‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’ Players Are Using An Old-School Cheating Mechanic To Work The System

The Star Wars: Battlefront II loot box fiasco has made a huge impact on the gaming industry in its brief time released. Laws in Europe have changed to call loot boxes “gambling,” EA and Dice have greatly reduced the credits it takes to unlock characters in the game, and the Pay to Win model has, for the most part, been removed from Battlefront II entirely. But still, the grind remains. Even if it’s a beautiful and fun Star Wars game.

So even though the gaming community pushed back hard against the game’s unfortunately painful systems, like life, gamers find a way. For decades we’ve been able to find a way to get ahead, if even a little, by using the most minimal effort in order to have “fun.” Enter Redditors Lowberg and F0nden, who went totally old-school and “modded” their controllers using “hacks” to keep playing when they actually weren’t.

Lowberg created a “progression droid” to “unskillfully collect credits,” which is probably what a young Anakin was creating C-3P0 for originally.

Here’s the much less convoluted (and much less impressive) method that so many of us utilized growing up in the days when gaming was more apt to put blisters on your thumbs — rubber bands.

Gaming truly has hit its zenith when entire industries shift, stocks crash, and gamers turn towards engineering all so they can play a game less.

(Via Eurogamer)