The Honest Trailer For ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Blows Up Luke Skywalker With A Rocket Launcher

Star Wars Battlefront wasn’t quite the game everybody was hoping it would be, but it was a solid experience. I generally enjoyed my time with the game, and we here at GammaSquad named it one of our favorite titles of the year. That said, the game isn’t without flaws. A whole damn galaxy worth of flaws.

As the Honest Trailers folks point out, Star Wars Battlefront does a pretty good job of replicating what it’s like to be a basic Star Wars grunt, because you’ll spend a good deal of the game blindly charging into areas only to be immediately shot in the face. And yes, a lot of the features from past Battlefront games have been removed, but hey, now you can see every spark and molecule of dirt and snow reflected in Darth Vader’s perfectly rendered helmet! Star Wars Battlefront is truly the most immersive Star Wars video game yet! Y’know, until an AT-AT stomps Luke Skywalker to death.

Battlefront is basically a preview of what kind of Star Wars experiences are possible on current-gen consoles, and as interactive trailers go, it’s pretty good stuff. Now, to wait for the Star Wars game that isn’t just about online jerks shooting you in the back.

(Via Smosh Games)

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