This ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ Video Reveals What’s At The Bottom Of A Sarlacc Pit

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was a 2019 release that added to a surge of new Star Wars content full of easter eggs and new details to the canon. And now we have one fun detail from the original series thanks to a YouTube series.

The Shesez YouTube channel has a series called Boundary Break, which uses a camera tool to move around inside video games to catch details (or a lack of details) you can’t normally see. And their video for Fallen Order reveals tons of details about some very familiar Star Wars worlds.

The full video is fascinating, both in how it explores the game makers’ thinking with a variety of scenes from the game. And it certainly makes you appreciate the time and effort put into the levels that make for a very fun game. But for big Star Wars fans, the big reveal in the video is a glimpse at what, presumably, Boba Fett saw before he died in the Sarlacc pit.

In the game’s initial tutorial, of sorts, Cal Kestis needs to use the Force to save a friend from falling into what seems to be a Sarlacc pit on Bracca. This is what causes the hidden Jedi to be discovered by Imperial forces, leading to the rest of the game’s plot. But Shesez wondered just how much detail would be in the pit itself, and takes the camera in there to see for himself. The moment happens at the three minute mark or so. As the video notes, there are some ship parts and other things inside there, which is pretty cool!


It’s far from shocking, but the pit does have a bottom and has some fun stuff in it.


There are tons of other fun details in the video, including what other worlds like Kashyyyk, the Wookie home world, have hidden in their game models. It’s definitely a fun watch if you’ve already played Fallen Order, which clearly had some big changes made during the game’s development and has some fun leftovers hidden just out of view.

[via Polygon]