Upcoming ‘StarCraft 2’ DLC Will Revive The Hero Of The Infamous Vaporware Title ‘StarCraft: Ghost’

Way back in the misty yesteryear that was 2002, Blizzard announced StarCraft: Ghost, a action-stealth spin-off of the StarCraft series. The game would have followed Nova, a Terran “ghost” unit, as she snuck into enemy compounds and carried out missions. Unfortunately, StarCraft: Ghost hit development issues, and was put on “indefinite hiatus” sometime around 2006. Ever since, some desperate fans have held out hope that StarCraft: Ghost may one day rematerialize, and Blizzard has kept that glimmer of hope alive by never outright saying Ghost has been canceled.

Well, after 13 years Activision Blizzard is finally getting around to doing something with Nova. At today’s Blizzcon event, the company announced StarCraft 2: Nova Covert Ops, a story expansion pack containing three new missions. This may be the first of several story packs starring Nova.

“Nova feels like a character who has so much story behind her that hasn’t necessarily been exposed to players. We wanted, when you see her in-game, to get that hint of backstory, and then blow that out and make it a focus on one character, more of a personal story.”

So, is this a sign Blizzard might be interested in doing something with StarCraft: Ghost again, or is it evidence that the game is truly dead and they’re just using the story they wrote for Ghost for some easy DLC? Probably the latter, but hey, at least we’re finally getting some sort of closure on this thing. StarCraft 2: Nova Covert Ops will arrive approximately around June 2016.

(via Polygon)