These Are The Best Steam Summer Sale Deals For Under Ten Bucks

The Steam Summer Sale is upon us, which means it’s that time of year for us to spend money on games that we will likely install, but never play. Such is the life of a PC gamer. These sales are just too enticing to pass up. Some sales, of course, are better than others, and if you already have a healthy backlog of games to get through until the fall new release season is upon us, then maybe you just want to drop a couple bucks here and there on some worthy titles. If that’s the case, this year seems surprisingly bottom-heavy, with the best deals coming at the $10 and under range.

Of course, everyone is different, but if you’re like me, you’ll base your purchases on the best possible dollar-per-hour of entertainment. If that’s the case, check out these titles. Some are oldies, all are goodies, and a couple are absolute must-haves for the price. Those are the types of games you buy now and don’t boot for a few years. It’s a net positive! (Gaming is so stressful.)