‘Street Fighter V’ Has A New Brazilian Character, And She’s A Lot Better-Looking Than Blanka

The latest, all-new Street Fighter V character hails from Brazil, but she’s definitely no green-skinned Amazonian beast. Laura, like seemingly all Street Fighter V female characters, is packing some serious curves, as well as some impressive jiu jitsu-inspired moves. Considering the ever-growing popularity of MMA, it was about time Street Fighter starting working in a few more armbars.

We don’t know much else about Laura yet (Capcom has yet to release a character bio), but it seems like she may have some connection to Street Fighter’s other famous Brazilian, Blanka. Her gi is bright Blanka-like green, and she appears to have electric-charged attacks. Could Laura and Blanka be relatives? Student and teacher? Father and daughter? Or is Laura meant to be the female version of Blanka? A Hulk/She-Hulk sort of thing? Why do the lady versions of big green monsters always get all the looks? That was a lot of question marks.

Fourteen of Street Fighter V‘s initial 16 characters are now known, with one classic and one all-new fighter left to be revealed. Could Blanka be that final classic character, or is Laura meant to be his replacement? I suppose we’ll know soon enough. Street Fighter V is set for release in early 2016.

(via VG 24/7)