Conan O’Brien Meets ‘Super Mario’ Creator Shigeru Miyamoto And Asks About His Mustache Obsession

Over the past few years, Conan O’Brien has been trying, with some awkwardness, to figure out these “video games” the kids are so into today. Seeing Conan bungle his way through games in his Clueless Gamer segments or drop a Pokemon or Call of Duty reference in his monologue is now commonplace, but Conan O’Brien meeting legendary Mario-creator Shigeru Miyamoto is still a fairly odd sight. Nerd worlds are colliding!

O’Brien caught up with the Nintendo mastermind at Comic-Con and of course used the golden opportunity to talk about mustaches. What else would you expect? Conan knows the comedy potential of a good ‘stache. Miyamoto explains that giving Mario a mustache was mainly a practical decision, as they wanted his original pixel sprite to have a big ol’ nose, and a mustache would help define that. Of course, most hardcore Nintendo fans already know this Mario factoid, but it’s fun to hear it from Miyamoto himself.

Now I want to see a full sit-down interview with Miyamoto. It’s time somebody got to the bottom of the weird Mario-Peach-Bowser love triangle, and I think Conan’s the man to do it.

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