The Nintendo Direct Conference Had Big News For ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ And ‘Pokemon’ Fans, But Disappointed Most

The Nintendo Direct conference gave fans an important look at the normally secretive company’s plans over the next year or so. Not only did Nintendo announce a Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle that will launch on October 27th (and has already sold out at Gamestop and other retailers), but the big N detailed new Pokemon news, announced a Mario Party game, and disappointed Animal Crossing fans, yet again.

The biggest news, beyond the Odyssey Switch bundle, was a more detailed look at Super Mario Odyssey proper, which not only revealed Mario’s nipples, but a frisbee mode in which Mario tosses his magical hat to a Shiba Inu, immediately putting the already massively-hyped game into Game of the Year contender-ship.

Truly, the game looks incredible.

Of course, the biggest absence was Animal Crossing. Nintendo didn’t utter a word about the upcoming mobile app, or an AC game proper for the immensely popular Switch.

Fans did, however, get a trailer for Mario Party Top 100, which collected the top 100 mini games over Mario Party‘s long existence into one game. Interesting.

There’s also a new Kirby game coming:

And Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon got a new look ahead of its November 17th release date:

In ever-interesting Nintendo third-party support news, this little gem of a game was announced: Project Octopath from Square-Enix.

Additionally, the Switch version of Skyrim got an official release date of November 17th, and ports of Doom (available this holiday) and Wolfenstein 2, will be coming in 2018.

Unlike previous generations of Nintendo hardware, it feels like the Switch will have a healthy amount of third-party support. NBA 2K18, WWE 2K18, EA Sports titles and many more games are on their way, which means the Switch will probably remain hard to find well into the holiday season and beyond.

But most importantly:

Still, many fans were left wanting Animal Crossing and Super Smash Bros. announcements. It wasn’t the worst Direct by far, but Nintendo needs to deliver or at least reach out to the fans of their biggest properties. This isn’t 2010, or 2005, or 2000 here.