Madden Shows Us What LeBron Would Be Like In The NFL

Senior Contributor
10.14.11 4 Comments

As you may have heard, the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks expressed interest in recruiting LeBron James while he’s benched due the NBA lockout. For most of us, this brings back horrible nightmares of Deion Sanders and how the dude was completely impossible to escape, but for one Madden fan at CBS, it brought on a brainwave.

Why not use Madden and his access to professional basketball nerds to see what LeBron would be like in the NFL? Playing for the Cleveland Browns, no less!

The results are…actually fairly compelling. LeBron is, according to a video game that won’t go away, a possible nominee for the tenth best tight end in the NFL. But how does he play? Video is after the jump, but let’s just say that if video games can prove anything, this might be more than a joke.

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