The Creator Of ‘Adventure Time’ Is Running An RPG Via Twitter

Pendleton Ward is an enormous D&D geek. In fact, Adventure Time springs from the fact that Ward and his friends don’t game as often as they’d like. But he does have time, apparently, to run a massive old-school RPG via a Twitter account.

Here’s how it works: Go to the Quest Attack Twitter, and fire off some commands. If Ward likes what he sees, he’ll draw the results. So far it’s been… amusing, with results like this:

Oh, did we mention you have to write it out “text adventure” style, as in “Use sword on gnome”? It’s that kind of game. Ward can “pause” the game whenever he feels like it, but users have to unpause to keep moving forward.

It’s an interesting social experiment, if nothing else, and Ward’s sense of humor is often a key attraction. So far, he’s riffed on inventory failure, enemy placement, and fart noises. Keep an eye on his Twitter, as we suspect much more hilarity is in the works. Especially since you can fart at will.