The ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Remake Won’t Add New Characters, Will Feature ‘More Realistic’ Action

As you’ve likely already heard, Square Enix is finally remaking the groundbreaking Final Fantasy VII. The game’s producer, Tetsuya Nomura, recently confirmed the Final Fantasy VII remake will make changes to the game’s story and systems, and he went a bit more in depth about what those changes will entail in a new interview.

As for the changes to the story, we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Square Enix isn’t adding any Poochie-esque new characters to the cast

“There won’t be new characters. As for the visual taste, we’re doing them to match today’s visuals and appear closer to reality.”

Now, what about about the updated gameplay and battle systems?

“I can’t share many details, but we’re changing it to a more realistic system.”

“Realistic” was an interesting use of words. Nomura is mainly known for producing action-RPGs like Kingdom Hearts and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, which leads me to believe “realistic” may very well translate to “more action-based.” We shall see.

Finally, will Xbox One and PC gamers be able to play the game? Maybe, but don’t hold your breath.

“You’ll be able to play it first on PlayStation 4, that’s for certain. We’re not thinking beyond that yet, so after that is undecided. Since we’re bringing out PlayStation 4 title after PlayStation 4 title, it’d be great if we can give the hardware and industry a boost.”

Not a huge update, but I’ll take every scrap I can get. I’m glad we won’t be getting any possibly lame new characters, but I’m not sure about the more “realistic” battle system. What do you folks think?

(Via Gematsu)