The Xbox One Now Comes With Double The Storage

It’s inevitable that consoles will be redesigned; they’re generally slimmed down and often upgraded a bit. But Microsoft decided to take it one step further with a truly ridiculous storage. Ready to download 1TB of games?

Yep, the Xbox One now ships in 500GB and 1TB flavors. The 500GB version will see a price cut to $350, while the double-wide version will stay at $400.

It also ships with an upgraded controller; instead of the proprietary junk you had to use to plug in a headset, the controller now just has a standard headphone minijack. You can now also receive updates for your controller wirelessly, so you don’t need to plug in to upgrade the firmware.

None of it is revolutionary, really, but it is nice to see Microsoft addressing fan complaints and upgrading the storage. One assumes that Sony has similar refinements waiting in the pipe… but we likely won’t see them until E3.

(via Major Nelson)