This Devoted Fan Spent Six Years Making One Very Detailed ‘Super Mario Bros. 3’ Themed Blanket

The state of video games is still fresh on a lot of fans’ minds since this year’s E3 concluded mere days ago. And while some people may show their allegiance to their favorite games by collecting memorabilia and consistently pwning newbs online, one man took his fandom to pretty epic heights.

Meet Super Mario Bros. 3 superfan Kjetil Nordin. Originally from Norway but currently residing in Denmark, the 31-year-old is a computer programmer who decided to take on the task of recreating a screenshot from the game in the form of this pretty cool looking blanket.

According to a conversation he had with NRK, it took roughly 800 hours of crocheting to fully complete the blanket, which measures approximately 7-foot-2-inches by 5-foot-10-inches.

Here’s a closer look at the tapestry via Imgur:

If this sounds like something a shut-in would do with his time, it’s worth noting Nordin won the Norwegian Sky Diving team championship twice, graduated from university with two degrees, started a career, and made a hobby of crocheting smaller figurines for his family.

It kind of makes you wonder how much gaming he accomplished in that time.

(Via The Daily Dot and NRK)