‘Watch Dogs 2’ Promises To Actually Make Hacking Fun In Its Bombastic Debut Trailer

The original Watch Dogs had a great premise, but didn’t really follow through on the promise of being able to hack an entire city. Controlling society with a swipe of your smartphone should be fun! Or at least exciting. Unfortunately, Watch Dogs was kind of a downer, laden down by oh-so-serious storytelling and dour characters.

Well, it seems like Watch Dogs 2 is looking to strike a different tone. The just-released debut trailer is much more upbeat, focusing on the the sights and sounds of San Francisco (the game’s new location) and all the explosive fun you can get into as a God-like super hacker. Admittedly, the whole thing is a little “How do you do, fellow kids?” but it’s still much better than the dreary presentation of the first game.

We also have a new main character — Marcus Holloway, a young African-American hacker from Oakland. He’s been framed for a crime he didn’t commit, so he’s out to clear his name and take it to THE MAN. Oh, and his main weapon is a billiard ball tied to a string, which I choose to believe is a Star Tropics reference.

Of course, you’ll be able to hack more stuff than ever in Watch Dogs 2, but even more importantly, you can now play around with RC cars and drones. I’m not sure why you’d bother when you can hack real cars and drones in the Watch Dogs universe, but hey, RC cars and drones are fun. I suppose you don’t need any more reason than that. You can get more info in the 18-minute Watch Dogs 2 reveal below…

I’m not sure I’m entirely sold on Watch Dogs 2. The first game left me blasé to the Watch Dogs universe. That said, it does seem like things are heading in a generally positive direction. What do you think? Can this old dog learn some new tricks?