Watch This ‘GTA Online’ Hero Torture A Cheater Until He’s Forced To Rage Quit

When an online cheater enabled godmode to ruin GTA Online for others, a hero player took matters into his own hands and forced the cheater to quit the game in frustration. What’s most impressive isn’t that the player, dubbed Pluxar, was able to get the cheater to give up, but the fact that he had to be creative in doing so since godmode makes players invincible.

Kotaku details exactly how Pluxar made the cheater’s game a living nightmare:

So Pluxar got creative. Using a well-armored vehicle, as well as GTA’s explosion physics, they are able to continually run over and push the cheater around—effectively ruining their game.

While the cheater is able to kill Pluxar, Pluxar comes back and is eventually able to make the cheater leave the game thanks to a few well-placed rockets.

Awesome. Even if you don’t play GTA Online, this video is very satisfying to watch. It reminds the world that good sometimes does triumph over evil, even when the good guys are also stealing cars and running over pedestrians.

(Source: Kotaku)