Review: ‘World Of Final Fantasy’ Takes The Franchise Back To Basics

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Gamers can be forgiven for not being entirely sure just what the hell World of Final Fantasy is. It’s a huge jumble of characters, settings, and monsters across the franchise, in the trailers, and it looks like fun, but baffling at the same time. It turns out that what it is, though, is a mash-up of Pokemon and Final Fantasy, going back to basics. And that’s both good and bad.

Artistic Achievement

While this game won’t exactly strain your console, it does look pretty good. The mix of art style between adorable giant-headed chibis and a relatively more restrained anime-esque look won’t turn every head, but it’s serviceable and executed well. The environments are often incredibly bland, however, which detracts a bit from the feel. The same can be said of the audio, which mixes a fairly standard soundscape and a strong but slightly generic score touching on the history of the franchise with remixes, motifs, and references. If you love the series, it’ll be a nostalgia bomb, but it’s not particularly innovative.


As we said above, it’s Pokémon meets Final Fantasy, with Pokémon filling in the broad strokes of capturing and training monsters, and Final Fantasy filling in the details with the Active Battle System, levels, and so on. The two complement each other well, with the deeper, more granular mechanics offering a bit more to do.


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