The Legendarily Awful CD-i ‘Zelda’ Games Redone In 3-D Is Trippy Required Viewing

No video-game franchise in history has a track record as consistent as Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda. Well, with one major exception: In the mid-’90s, Nintendo temporarily took leave of their senses and let Philips make Zelda games for their (ultimately doomed) multimedia system, the CD-i. Produced without any Nintendo oversight or direct involvement, these Zelda titles were straight-up some of the worst games of all time. Their nightmarish, acid-trip cutscenes have become particularly infamous…

But hey, we live in an era of remakes and remasters, and everything old is new again, so enterprising (and possibly insane) YouTuber C4DNerd went and remade some of the cutscenes from Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon in 3-D. Be forewarned, the leap to polygonal 3-D has somehow made these cutscenes ever more trippy and off-putting.

Yup, that was certainly terrifying. That said, I’d lying if I said I didn’t want the CD-i version of Ganon to show up in The Legend of Zelda Wii U. Dude looks like a giant mutant pug. Also, what the hell, throw in the guy who transforms from a wolf, to a fire-breathing lion, to a giant mouth, too. Really freak the kids out.

So yeah, good (?) work on the CD-i Zelda remake C4DNerd. And now, for your next project…

(Via Kotaku)